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Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management

MBA 2022 Capstone Course

The 2022 MBA Capstone Course explored the challenges and opportunities in developing smart infrastructure, with a specific project on developing an actionable idea around smart infrastructure for a Canadian city of each student group's choosing. During the course, students heard from a host of industry experts, technology leaders and policy makers who covered a range of topics related to the procurement, construction and roll-out of smart communities. 

Students from this year's MBA class wrote recap articles highlighting specific Capstone sessions, writing from their perspective as a student and exploring key takeaways for their peers. 

Article 1: GLOBE - MBA Students Tackle Big City Problems with Smart Solutions

Article 2: The Forefront of Energy Transition Lies in Aligning Stakeholders’ Interests

Article 3: Measuring the Long-Term Impact of Canada's Infrastructure Ecosystem

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