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Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management

Mahmood Nanji

Mahmood Nanji Resized

Mahmood Nanji, Power Corporation of Canada Fellow

Mahmood Nanji served as the Director of the Lawrence Centre from 2018-2019.  Prior to joining Ivey, he was an Associate Deputy Minister at the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Over the course of his public service career, Mahmood has held senior executive positions with the Ministries of Finance, Economic Development and Trade, Energy, Public Infrastructure Renewal and Cabinet Office.

He has led some of the government’s highest priority and complex initiatives, including, designing and implementing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, negotiating major co-investment deals, leading the second largest tax administration in Canada, serving as the provincial lead on the restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler, negotiating the First Nations Gaming Sharing Revenue Agreement and the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Project Agreement, and developing provincial budgets and supporting government transitions. He also spent nearly 10 years with the federal government in Ottawa.

In 2019, he co-authored a discussion paper for the Lawrence Centre called Moving Canada’s Economic Infrastructure Forward, and in 2017, he co-authored an in-depth study for the World Bank called The Evolution of Canadian Pension Plan Model

Mahmood’s international experience includes advising the governments of Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique on public sector reform initiatives and in Indonesia, on best practices on pension plan design and administration.

He has served on several boards including the Board of Directors of the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation, the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, Ontario Aerospace Council and the OPTrust pension plan.

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