Canadians are living through an extended bout of vaccine stress. We've worried about vaccine procurement. We've worried about how quickly and effectively vaccines can be delivered to Canadians. And we've argued about why Canada lacks a domestic vaccine production capability of its own. Could we have done better? Can we plan better for a future crisis? The answers are crucial to Canadians' health and to a competitive economy. Our distinguished panelists will examine the current status of Canada’s vaccine rollout; discuss strategies for reopening main streets and reviving the hardest-hit industries in Canada; and explore whether and how Canada could build resiliency and competitive advantage around domestic vaccine supply.

The dynamic discussion featured:

  • Dr. Alan Bernstein, President and CEO of CIFAR, Member of Canada’s Vaccine Task Force
  • Karimah Es Sabar, Chair, Health and Biosciences Economic Strategy Table, CEO of Quark Venture LP
  • Goldy Hyder, President and CEO, Business Council of Canada

Moderated by Paul Wells, Senior Writer for Maclean's Magazine and Lawrence National Centre Fellow. 

The event was hosted by the LNC in collaboration with the Ivey Alumni Network Ottawa Chapter.