After an acrimonious federal election that seemed to settle very little — every party has returned with nearly as many MPs as in the last Parliament — Canada's government and opposition must now face pressing challenges that will not wait just because the politics is a bit messy. While the campaign trail featured plenty of new commitments, the rhetoric heavy narratives highlighted a growing disconnect amongst party leaders and within the electorate. As the world emerges from the pandemic, Canadians have heightened expectations of progress in a number of critical policy areas to “build back better”; all to be dealt with by a divergent minority parliament. Against this backdrop, how can the government make this minority work? How can politicians and stakeholders encourage policymaking that promotes national competitiveness and socio-economic development for all Canadians?

The panel featured:

• Christy Clark, former Premier of British Columbia, Senior Advisor at Bennet Jones
• Hassan Yussuff, Senator, former President of the Canadian Labour Congress
• James Moore, former federal Cabinet Minister, Senior Business Advisor at Dentons
• Paul Wells, Senior Writer for Maclean’s and Lawrence National Centre Fellow

The panelists shared their views on the results of the election and the effect they’ll have on government building; policy generation in between now and the next election; and the challenges and opportunities of building a consensus for change. Paul Wells moderated the discussion.