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Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management

Ivey Management & Policy Forum and LNC host policy workshop for students

  • Aug 10, 2021
Ivey Management & Policy Forum and LNC host policy workshop for students

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Ivey Management and Policy Forum (IMPF) recently partnered with the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management to host a summer development workshop. Students participating in the IMPF’s summer policy analyst program along with the broader MSc student body were invited to hear from LNC Policy Fellow, Mahmood Nanji, as he shared his experiences in both the federal and provincial public service and showcased the innerworkings of policy making.  

Over the course of the ninety-minute workshop, students learned about policy development and implementation, key ingredients for good policymaking, as well as the evolution of policy over the years. Mahmood emphasized that in developing new policy, there has been greater horizontal coordination across government departments, and more engagement with other key stakeholders. Students also took away an understanding of a shifting policy landscape shaped by various stakeholders toward one that is increasingly ‘evidence-based’ and the notion of the ‘optimal intersection’ for policy development that accounts for the government, citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders.

Displaying the practical significance of policy-making, the LNC fellow included a comprehensive real-world case detailing the automotive industry at the height of the 2008 financial crisis. Through this development, attendees got to toy with the fundamental question: Should government intervene, and if so, to what extent and how?

Mahmood encouraged students to engage with the wicked problems of our generation (e.g., disruptive technology, climate change) and recognize that policy implementation is the first step to tackle these seemingly astronomical challenges. Through policy research students can be active citizens who are engaged in the democratic process while understanding far-reaching policy implications. Mahmood finished off the informative session by encouraging students to consider a stint in the public service that would provide them with opportunities to bring fresh ideas and accumulate hands on experience in the inner workings of policymaking. Having a thorough understanding of public policy design would be an asset to leading organizations in the private sector.


The Ivey Management and Policy Forum (IMPF) is a student-run organization focused on global policy issues. The IMPF represents a platform for students to develop interest and skills in policymaking, as well as critically debate on timely policy issues of interest. Supported by an executive team comprised of current Ivey MSc students and a board of advisors counting esteemed Ivey professors and staff, the IMPF is committed to the development of its research analysts. Learn more about the IMPF here.