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The increasing popularity of social media has resulted in astounding growth in the amount of digital data available, managers keep up to date on emerging digital information relevant to business. Business managers are determining how social media platforms can be leveraged to gain competitive strategy. This course will help students identify data sources that allow them to define and track performance indicators for their digital activities and plans. The goal is for students to learn frameworks and methods that will allow them to generate valuable and actionable business insights from common social media sources. The main goal of this course is to help students build skills and knowledge to: • Develop and apply a digital marketing plan aligned with a firm’s overall strategy.

  • Evaluate a digital marketing plan by tracking and analyzing its performance.
  • Get familiar with up-to-date digital marketing terms, tools and platforms.
  • Understand the value of web and social media analytics.
  • Develop teamwork, critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills.