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Program Benefits

Benefits for You

Advanced Leadership Development

The Ivey Master of Management in Analytics Program prepares you for the next stage of your career. You will refine your analytical, decision-making, implementation, and presentation skills, and develop a new way of thinking that will become integral to everything you do.

World-class Network

As an Ivey alumni, you will become a member of one of the largest and most influential business school alumni networks in Canada. This lifelong connection is often cited by alumni as one of the top reasons for choosing Ivey.

Benefits for Your Organization

Advanced Employee Development

The Ivey Master of Management in Analytics delivers substantial benefits to your organization, from the moment you start the Program. Your organization gains an employee with new perspectives and insights that are immediately applicable, all without interruption of the employee's career. You'll come back from each class session with hands-on experience – new skills and perspectives that you can put to work right away.

Organizational Projects

You'll deliver immediate benefits to your organization through learning and assignments which focus on different aspects of your company.  Projects in the Ivey Master of Management in Analytics are designed to integrate your classroom experience with the challenges you face as a manager. They’re not just used to assess your progress, but also as a means to help you develop solutions to actual business problems in your organization. This “added value” benefit, in itself, more than pays for your organization’s investment. 

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