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Ivey Leadership Essentials - Part 2

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  • Ivey Leadership Essentials - Part 2

Ivey Leadership Essentials is designed to provide students with an update on a number of the fundamentals of business including- Accounting, Leadership, Operations, Finance, Marketing, and Strategy. You can benefit from the opportunity to refresh yourself with the basics of business. This is especially true for those that are looking to accelerate their career.

9953 Finance

This course addresses key decisions and issues faced by senior financial officers in corporations, and provides the analytical frameworks and approaches that are employed to resolve these issues. The course has three major objectives to:

  • Provide an introduction to financial markets and sources of capital for firms.
  • Introduce strategic financial policies set by senior financial managers and show how these policies affect an organization’s ability to meet its strategic objectives.
  • Demonstrate analytical tools used to evaluate an organization and to show how specific activities undertaken by a company create or destroy its value.

9954 Marketing

This course is to have students (a) develop a curiosity and interest in marketing, (b) acquire sufficient basic skills to assist in their careers, and (c) maintain a permanent market orientation, whatever the career path.  Students should leave the course with well­‐developed abilities to:

  • Analyze the market and business environment in which their organization is operating.
  • Determine the major opportunities and challenges facing the organization.
  • Develop a set of alternative marketing strategies, and select the most appropriate one.
  • Convert the choice into an implementable, differentiated, and profitable action plan.

9955 Strategy

Formulating a strategy requires understanding what leads organizations to superior performance.  Superior performance results from participating in a more attractive and generally more profitable industry, as well as having a competitive advantage and achieving a preferred competitive position within an industry.  Managers can employ this understanding to make more effective strategic decisions.