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News@Ivey · Dawn Milne

Celebrating the power of cases

Feb 5, 2020

World Case Day

Ivey is well-known for Case-Method Learning, which challenges students with real-life business scenarios to help them to develop the understanding and skills to become effective leaders. The School has also brought this unique approach to many parts of the world – from the Yukon to Africa.

We recently celebrated World Case Teaching Day, which recognizes the contribution that the case method makes on students and educators. Why is the case method such a powerful tool, and how does it create more dynamic and interactive classes? Read on to find out why it’s the cornerstone of an Ivey education and how we’re making an impact.

The case for case teaching

Whether it’s learning how to analyze the core of an issue or even to apply financial tools, there’s value in Ivey’s case method. Read about its merits.

In their op-ed for The Globe and Mail, Vasie Papadopoulos and John Rocco, both EMBA ’18, explain how they’ve brought the case methodology back to their businesses.

In his blog, Craig Dunbar, Associate Professor of Finance, discusses how the case method helps students to take financial tools and concepts and apply them wisely to real business decisions.

Rob Austin, Professor of Information Systems, spoke with Western News about the inductive nature of Case-Method Learning.

It’s analogous to a play. A script doesn’t realize its full purpose until enacted on the stage. A case doesn’t realize its full purpose until discussed in the classroom.
– Ivey Professor Rob Austin

Cases in action

For years, Ivey students and faculty have been sharing their knowledge of case-based learning with other areas of the world. Learn how they’re making a difference.

The elective course Ubuntu Management Education Initiative sends HBA students to schools throughout Africa to demonstrate case teaching and develop new business cases.

Ivey’s 39 Country Initiative strives to empower African business schools by providing valuable teaching materials and resources. Its latest efforts included two case-teaching workshops in Africa.

The LEADER Project, Ivey’s student-led international economic development program, brought Case-Method Learning to First Nations youth and entrepreneurs in the Yukon.

Teaching excellence with cases

Ivey faculty have been honoured for writing or teaching cases. Here are some recent accolades.

 Elizabeth Grasby, Professor Emeritus, made The Case Centre's Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors list for the 2018/19 academic year.

 David Wood, Lecturer in Operations Management, won the 2019 Outstanding Case Teacher Competition.

The case method is what has enabled my students to integrate the traditional disciplines of business education into one holistic approach.
– Ivey Lecturer David Wood