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Final Reflection - JKUAT Nakuru Team

Sep 7, 2019

Final Reflection - JKUAT Nakuru Team

Reminiscing with the team has unleashed a flood of emotions. As we reunite, we can’t help but wish we were back in Nakuru preparing for our next class. Our hearts race as we remember the rush of developing our cases in the living room, building decks for workshops, and plotting our class excursions and personal treks throughout the country. 

Going back to the beginning of the trip, we feared our initial roadblocks were signs of misfortune to come. Between being informed our lodgings in Nairobi were no longer available a mere couple days before our flight, and having one of our group members lose their passport at Heathrow, there were certainly many opportunities to panic. However, faculty ingenuity and our group’s resolve carried us through a rocky start which quickly transformed into a rocking experience.

Nakuru turned out to be a vibrant city filled with adventure! Our gracious students guided us on excursions through the markets, restaurants, calderas, castles, caves and more. In return, we brought our enthusiasm to every case we taught and held several extra-curricular workshops to provide insights and tools into securing careers in business.

We tried interesting foods, met phenomenal people, and had the opportunity to develop our teaching abilities in a radically unique classroom environment. Any challenges or hardships we faced on a day-to-day basis were essentially forgotten by the last day of the trip. We were too occupied saying our goodbyes and listening to the stories of how we impacted the lives of our students--a sentiment that was most definitely reciprocated.

Students posing together on a hilltopStudents posing together at nightStudents posing together holding a Canadian flagA large group of students posing together holding a Canadian flagA large group of students posing together holding a Canadian flagTwo students posing together