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Safety Information

Safety is the paramount consideration in our field work.  During our class time we spend significant time on travel safety.

  • Each student must complete the Western University Travel Abroad training and cross cultural training course.
  • Each much register with the Canadian government for Travel Abroad.
  • Each partner school has a strong history within this partnership of providing transportation, safe housing and caring oversight to Ivey students.

Ivey students supply mature decision making both individually and as a team to follow sensible practices while in country. 

Further, we follow the Canadian government and Western University's decisions on travel safety. Each country we travel to is listed as “exercise a high degree of caution with regional advisories”.

We will NEVER send students to regions with an “avoid non-essential travel” advisories.

In regions with advisories for a high degree of caution, our practices of student education and partnering with local university professors and administrators, at large university institutions, gives us confidence that we have exercised every caution and put in place the right structures to ensure students are safe.

Hear what an Ivey student's family thought about the experience:

When we first heard that Rahim wanted to go to Ghana for this course, we were excited and concerned too. Excited for the opportunity he was going to get, about how much he would learn, and about how much he would be able to share with his locally participating colleagues and teachers. We were also concerned about his security, lodging and boarding, health matters etc. Upon weighing the pros and cons of what he would achieve, we as a family decided to let him go for this study tour. When he returned, we learnt from him how much he had learnt there not only about his course but also about people, their culture and their traditions. We could see the difference this brought in him and the amount of exposure he has got of the African world. We suggest to other students and their parents to consider such trips and gain from such rare opportunities. We wish all students good luck!
—With warm regards, the Shamsy Family

Here’s what Angus’ family had to say:

  1. What did you think about when you first heard that your son/daughter wanted to participate in this course?
    What a wonderful opportunity for him.

  2. How did you feel?
    Thrilled that he would have such a unique experience in that part of the world. Truly, a once in a lifetime experience.

  3. How did you cope with your concerns about dangers that might be faced by your son/daughter?
    We knew that Ghana is a safe destination and we were confident that Ivey had a solid relationship with the partner university. No reservations.

  4. Now that they are back, what do you think about the experience they gained? Was it worth it for you?
    Absolutely - with many wonderful outcomes - such as, Angus enjoyed and learned an enormous amount from being a teacher and gained perspective on his own life. Never mind the entire cultural immersion. His experience provides a new lens through which he will view the world and all he does.

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