Gilles Prepoint

Executive Coach
Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing, Logistics, Private Capital, Sports & Health, Retail, Training & Development, Supply Chain

Gilles Prepoint

Gilles facilitates 100s of impactful conversations each year with CEOs, Leaders and Company owners. Gilles chairs peer groups of CEOs in affiliation with TEC-Canada and is a CEO (Coaching Excellence Officer) of UHUMANEA, a multi-purpose coaching, training, and consulting company. 

With a passion for digging deeply with clients and finding evolving solutions to any subject, Gilles helps leaders refine their organizations to make room for development. The goal is to free each CEO from daily operations and use that newfound freedom to instill more life in their company and develop an inspiring vision.

As a former founder, CEO and investor, Gilles knows first-hand the challenges of those roles, as well as solutions to the most commonly encountered issues. His coaching aims to liberate leaders’ greatness, questions oriented to fit your DNA, using the best tools and assessments for the Leader’s guidance. Gilles specializes in helping a CEO and team transition from overwhelming free-wheel to a clear, executed, optimized plan and collaborative teamwork.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Gilles' first company idea emerged at 20 years old (boomerang manufacturing).

In 2002, he founded a Distribution Company with four licenses to distribute in Oceania, Based in New Zealand (retail, wholesale, import/export). The French embassy asked Gilles to collaborate as an Economic Advisor to French Business Leaders interested in expanding in the Pacific region.

Since arriving in Canada in 2011, Gilles operated an international investment company with three partners (South Africa, Belgium and New Zealand).

Gilles also developed a strong reputation working for a French International sports retailer. Leading and designing stores up to 5000sqm, organizing a region of 16 stores, 3 warehouses, and training at headquarters, Gilles got his first international taste of helping teams launch branches internationally in Spain and Italy. He was ultimately asked to relocate to Asia to prepare for retail development in the region, anticipating stores, purchase centers, and logistics based in Taiwan.

Happily married to Jessie, a Taiwanese-born businesswoman, simply the most courageous and dedicated person. Raised our son Théo, who is currently studying Aeronautic engineering.

A dedicated continuous learner of leadership, business, and anything that can free people to achieve their dreams. Passionate about Health, since Osteopathic/Chiropractic school in Geneva Switzerland, he always kept in touch with therapies aimed at improving well-being and liberating energy so that everyone can reach their full potential. He has a Bio-Energetic Degree and a Hypnotherapy Certification.

Gilles speaks French, English, and enough Chinese mandarin to survive (as well as forgetting a lot of Spanish and Italian).

Gilles is a motorcycle and sailboat enthusiast, espressoholic, and a black belt in Aikido. He would love one day to be called a musician (saxophone).

He is Canadian citizen by choice with 3 citizenships (French, New Zealand, and Canada).