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Nancy Dale, Director, External Marketing Communications for the Ontario Medical Association, discusses how The Ivey Academy's Crisis Preparation & Damage Control program gave her the hands-on tools, tactics, and confidence to manage crisis effectively.

What were your objectives when you applied to the Crisis Management & Damage Control program?

I enrolled in the program to hone my skill set around crisis communications. While I have been exposed to crisis at work and have actually worked through crises, I wanted to see if my gut instincts were right, while learning some hands-on tools and tactics to manage crisis effectively.

How would you describe the program experience?

Overall, the experience at the Ivey Academy was very positive. The program was a well thought-out mix of hands-on case study work combined with lectures from real-world crisis experts. From learning how to best interpret a potential crisis, to strategy development and tactical execution, the course maintained a good pace.

What were the most valuable insights that you gained from the program?

The most valuable insights from the program centred on the immediate steps organizations need to take to get a handle on a crisis. Organizations and executives no longer have the luxury of waiting for all of the facts – they are forced to take immediate action in order to get ahead of a crisis.

Has your participation in the program resulted in a change in the way you will behave in your current role?

The program has provided me with the confidence to advocate for the use of best practices within my organization. This will help us in both proactive planning for potential crises, as well as reactive issues management. This includes examining all stakeholders and audiences under the lens of how a potential crisis could impact them.

What role did the expert industry practitioners from Navigator Ltd. play in your learning?

The industry practitioners from Navigator speak from a place of expertise and knowledge. They're the best of the best. They used real-world case studies to illustrate the constant tension between legal and reputational jeopardy and how we – as communications practitioners – can help articulate the value of reputation to the C-suite.

Which parts of the curriculum were most valuable to you?

The media relations component was the most valuable to me. Given how dramatically the media landscape has changed, combined with the need to get information out quickly, the way companies deal with crisis has changed substantially from a decade ago. The hands-on media training workshops reminded me of the value of practicing and honing my skills for interacting with the media. It is just like any other skill; practice will lead to greater success in getting your organization’s message out. This is especially useful when advising organizational spokespeople.

How did your classmates contribute to your learning?

The other students in the class came from diverse backgrounds which added well to the classroom conversations. I enjoyed hearing of their experiences and how they have dealt with issues from both for-profit and non-profit perspectives.

What would you say to someone considering enrolling in this program?

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity, absolutely take the program! The program will expose you fascinating insights from Canada’s foremost experts on crisis, delivered with the professionalism and unique learning method associated with the Ivey brand.

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