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Directions to the Lab

The lab is located in the new Ivey building at 1255 Western Road (at the base of Brescia Hill). Enter through the North Entrance doors. Take the right hallway past the Starbucks all the way down to the Stairwell D door. Go through that door, down to the basement. When you exit the stairwell you will be right at the Ivey Behavioural Research Lab spaces. 

The Ivey BehavLab is located in the basement at the Ivey Business School.  It’s a little bit hidden away and this is a good thing for a behavioural lab as it makes it a relatively quiet location.  But this can make it a challenge to find us when you’ve signed up for a research study!

There are two ways to get to our location.  For both, enter the Business School through the North entrance. This is the entrance at the corner of Western Road and the hill up to Brescia College at the traffic lights. Once inside, you’ll see a reception desk to the left, the Chrominska Hall and staircase in front of you, and to the right there is the Ivey Eatery and Brock Pavilion. 

First Route

This is the most direct route to the BehavLab. Please note, this route includes stairs.

Second Route

The second route is accessible and requires you to go through the Grand Hall. 

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