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For Participants

The Behavioural Research Lab has two participant pools. For more information on each of these participant pools and to participate please visit:

Student Participant Pool 

Paid Participant Pool

Why participate in studies in the Behavioural Research Lab?

  • Gain exposure to how top quality business research is conducted
  • Gain insight into your own behaviours related to being a consumer, a manager, entrepreneur or leader
  • Explore and understand opportunities related to research assistantships, independent study coursework and postgraduate studies

Why is your participation so important to Western?

  • Access to participants is often a critical first step to testing business-related phenomena
  • Researchers who conduct participant-based studies examine topics that can have a major impact on our understanding of consumer behaviour, management and other important business topics. When this research is published in top academic journals and shared with the public through the media and research talks, the reputation of Western University benefits substantially both within Canada and worldwide
  • Access to participants is integral to attracting top quality professors and to supporting a vibrant research program at Western

Where is the lab?

We are in the basement at the Ivey Business School. If you enter at the North Entrance (at Western Road and Brescia Hill) you enter into the Grand Hall.  From there turn right and head down that hall past Starbucks, past the Ivey Trading Company. Just as you pass by the end of the courtyard on your left you'll see on the right that there is a door to Staircase D.  You need to go down these stairs to Level B. Open the door and you're in the Ivey Behavioural Research Lab.  In front of you is the hallway waiting area for the large lab, Room 0388, and to the right is a short hallway to the smaller lab spaces, Rooms 0348 and 0349. The information about your study tells you which room to show up to.

Alternatively, you can take the elevator down from the Grand Hall to Level B. You will need to then head to your left all the way to the end of the hall.   Turn right towards the mailroom and then turn right again to pass through the doors there.  You should now be seeing a bunch of lockers on the right side of the hall. Keep going to the end of this hallway and then to your left is another long hallway of lockers. At the very end of this hallway is a ramp and a short set of stairs to the Ivey Behavioural Research Lab. The large lab, Room 0388, is down the hall to your left and the smaller labs, Rooms 0348 and 0349 are down the hall to your right.