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Paid Pool

The Behavioural Research Lab welcomes new participants at any time who are interested in joining our paid participant pool. Information about each study is made available including where the study is held, the time commitment involved, payment if payment is being offered, the general task you're ask to do for the study, and the researcher you can contact if you have any questions concerning participation.

If you are interested in receiving emails about upcoming paid study opportunities throughout the year, please JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.

You will be sent an email with your login information including a password generated by the Sona system which is the online system used to organize participants and studies. You are advised to change your password when you log in. 

You will be asked a few basic demographic questions which should take no more than 2 minutes to complete. After that you can check out any available studies and you will receive emails from Sona when new studies and/or new timeslots are added to the system.

By joining you are only agreeing to receive email notifications, you are not committing to any studies. You can delete yourself from the Sona system at any time.

Once you join the mailing list you can sign-up for studies through the paid participant SONA website. If you are student in the credit pool please note that we cannot give your course credit for participation in paid studies, only credit studies via the student participant SONA website.

For more information please contact the Behavioural Lab Research Officer, Dr. Mojgan Farahani, at

Paid Pool FAQ

Using SONA

Important notes about sign-ups:

  • You will receive a reminder email about your appointment 24 hours before the appointment time. This will include the room you will need to arrive at, the last time you have to cancel the appointment on your own using SONA, and your unique SONA ID code.
  • You can cancel your own sign-ups up until typically 12 hours prior to the appointment time (12 hours is the default but this can vary by study).Simply sign in and cancel your appointment by clicking on your “Upcoming Appointments” on your homepage once you’ve signed in.
  • If you must cancel and are within the 12 hour window before the appointment time you will need to contact behavlab@ivey.caand let us know. Failure to do this BEFORE the appointment time will result in an “Unexcused No-Show” in the SONA system.
  • Make sure that you can comfortably arrive in plenty of time to your appointment. The majority of our studies involve many participants in an appointment timeslot and must start on time. Latecomers are marked immediately as Unexcused No-Shows in SONA.
  • Five Unexcused No-Shows will cause the SONA system to automatically change your status in the system from Active to Inactive and you will no longer be able to sign in to SONA. The ban can be lifted but you will need to ask the BehavLab Manager to do this and it will be lifted at the Manager’s discretion. Any additional No-Shows will automatically reinstate this ban.

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