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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

About the Centre

Our Vision
An independent, informed and trusted voice on Canadian energy policy matters, in support of a thriving Canadian economy.

Our Mission
We will become a trusted voice on Canadian energy policy matters by:
• Contributing to energy policy-making through the production and dissemination of evidence-based research and analysis on major policy issues affecting the electricity, gas, oil and pipeline sectors in Canada
• Providing a transparent and reliable forum for industry, government, academia, and interested stakeholders, to discuss and exchange ideas on energy sector development and policy
• Educating students, executives, and government officials on national and global energy sector issues

Our Guiding Principles
In carrying out our mission, we are guided by the following principles:
• Energy policy should be informed by independent, evidence-based analysis, and developed through open and transparent public discussion
• Energy policy should advance the long-term growth of the Canadian economy and the well-being of Canadians
• Energy policy should promote the responsible use of Canada's natural resources in a way that takes a full and balanced account of the interests of current and future generations
• Energy policy should utilize best practice regulatory instruments and market-based mechanisms, as appropriate, to achieve policy objectives