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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

About the Centre

Energy policy is becoming increasingly complex because it involves many issues and stakeholders: economic prosperity and growth, aboriginal groups, climate change, national security, federal-provincial relations, and foreign affairs, just to name a few.

The Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre tackles the inherent complexity of energy policy through an interdisciplinary approach that considers the economic, political, social, and environmental concerns. It brings an independent, fact-based perspective to the dialogue to clarify issues.

The Energy Centre aims to provide thought-provoking knowledge that promotes innovative, responsible, and effective solutions to local, national, and global challenges by:

  • Engaging in research initiatives that will result in new policy insights in critical areas such as carbon pricing, oil and gas sector growth, utility regulation, renewable energy, mergers and acquisitions, stakeholder relations, social license, and aboriginal participation in energy projects;
  • Organizing and supporting multi-stakeholder outreach events that connect industry executives, government officials, academics, students and others in thoughtful conversations about major energy issues; and
  • Educating future business leaders in energy policy and government leaders in private-sector strategy.

Energy issues are not just the challenge of politicians. They require expert analysis from multiple perspectives and greater engagement between industry, government, and academia. That’s why the work of the Energy Centre has a critical role to play in advancing public discourse on energy policy.