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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre


Ivey Case Studies with an Energy Focus

Environmental Defense Fund and the Leveraged Buyout of TXU (2017)

TransCanada's Energy East Pipeline: Managing Aboriginal Relations in the Energy Sector (2017)

TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline: Unfinished Business (2017)

Digital Energy: Disruption in the Electrical Energy Market (2016)

TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline: Unfinished Business (2016)

Enbridge: Looking Toward the Future (2016)

AGL: An Electric Utility Dealing with Disruptive Innovation (2016)

Sarda Farms: From Cows to Consumers (2016)

Suncor and the Future of Oil Sands (2016)

The U.S. - China Wind Power Dispute (2016)

Erie Thames Powerlines: The Hybrid Truck Decision (2016)

AltaGas Ltd.: Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project (2016)

Suntech Power: Competition and Financing in China's Solar Industry (2015)

Venture Capital Investment in the Clean Energy Sector (2014)

Solarcity Corporation: Challenges in the Solar Energy Value Chain (2014)

Ontario Power Generation (2014)

Mistral Energy: A Tale of Two Power Markets (2014)

Safeblend Fracturing (2013)

The U.S. Shale Revolution: Global Rebalancing? (2013)

Keystone XL Pipeline (2012)

Enbridge Michigan Oil Spill: Patrick Daniel's Challenge (A) (2012)

Oakville Hydro Optimum Engine Selection (2011)

American Electric Power: Investing in Forest Conservation (2010)

Canadian Solar (2010)

Adapting to Climate Change: The Case of Suncor Energy and the Alberta Oil Sands (2008)

StormFisher (A): Power with Purpose (2008)

Hydro: From Utsira to Future Energy Solutions (2006)

Selectpower – Green Energy in Ontario (2006)