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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

Past Events

Oct 16, 2018

Carbon Pricing and the Cap and Trade Program

Richard Laszlo, an energy consultant, spoke to HBA2 students about carbon pricing and cap and trade in Canada, and globally. The presentation was followed by a thoughtful Q&A.
Oct 12, 2018

Community-based and Peer-to-peer Electricity Markets

Pierre Pinson, Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, described the mathematical framework of both community-based and peer-to-peer electricity markets, as well as the opportunities and challenges related to these markets.
Jan 23, 2018

Ontario’s Carbon Pricing Scheme

Richard Laszlo, President of Laszlo Energy Services, gave the plenary address to the undergraduate Corporations and Society course. Mr. Laszlo discussed the intricacies and opportunities presented by Ontario’s actual carbon pricing scheme.
Dec 12, 2017

Keeping Canada's Energy Sector Globally Competitive

How successful is Canada at attracting investment capital in the energy sector? Is Canada globally competitive? What issues is the sector facing, and how can we mitigate them?
Dec 4, 2017

Suncor Energy: Navigating Climate Policy Risk in Alberta

Gord Lambert, former Executive Advisor, Sustainability and Innovation, at Suncor Energy and Suncor Sustainability Executive-in-Residence at the Ivey Business School, participated in the undergraduate Corporations and Society course.
Nov 29, 2017

The Prospects for Energy Storage

Alexander McIsaac (HBA ’11), Director of Business Development at NRStor, and Matthew Sachs, Chief Operating Officer at Peak Power, participated in a moderated discussion with the undergraduate Corporations and Society course.
Nov 20, 2017

Energy Conservation in Ontario

Peter Love, Former Chief Conservation Officer for the Ontario Power Authority and Board Member of Energy Efficiency Alberta, spoke to the undergraduate Corporations and Society course.
Oct 19, 2017

TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline: Learnings and Legacy

Dennis McConaghy presented to Ivey’s HBA students on TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.
Sep 29, 2017 - Oct 1, 2017

Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Conference

The 27th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics (CREE) Working Group was held at the Ivey Business School in London, Ontario.
Sep 29, 2017

Workshop on the Economics of Electricity Policy and Markets

Assistant Professor, Brandon Schaufele, hosted a Pre-CREE workshop on Electricity Policy and Markets on September 29. Topics range from consumer behaviour to strategic firm conduct and environmental policy.