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Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Conference

September 29, 2017 - October 01, 2017

The 27th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics (CREE) Working Group took place on the weekend of September 29 through October 1. For the first time, CREE is being hosted in London, Ontario at Western's Ivey Business School.

For important information such as abstract submissions, schedule, and accommodations, click here

CREE Program

Saturday, September 30, 2017

8:00 – Shuttle from Station Park to Ivey 

8:30 – Concurrent Sessions

Session 1A, Room 1120

Chair: Martino Pelli, Sherbrooke

Anti-Deforestation Policies and Leakage: A Case Study in the Brazilian Legal Amazon
Presenter: Fanny Moffette, Wisconsin
Discussant: Frédéric Roy-Vigneault, ECCC

Dual Rights to Groundwater: Theory and Application to California
Presenter: Louis Sears, Cornell
Discussant: Martino Pelli, Sherbrooke

Roads and Resources: Groundwater Depletion in the North China Plains
Presenter: Martino Pelli, Sherbrooke
Discussant: Louis Sears, Cornell

Session 1B, Room 1130

Chair: Ross McKitrick, Guelph

Price vs. Quantities within a Federation: Challenges Posed by the Simultaneous use of Carbon Taxes and Cap and Trade Systems in Canada
Presenter: Charles Seguin, UQAM
Discussant: Jacob Rattray, ECCC

Canada's National Carbon Tax and Household Energy Choices
Presenter: Sumeet Gulati, UBC
Discussant: Joel Wood, Thompson Rivers

Emission Taxes and Damage Thresholds in the Presence of Pre-Existing Regulations
Presenter: Ross McKitrick, Guelph
Discussant: Brandon Schaufele, Western 

10:00 – Refreshment Break

10:30 – Concurrent Sessions

Session 2A, Room 1120

Chair: Robert Cairns, McGill 

Beyond Biomass: Valuing Genetic Diversity in Natural Resource Management
Presenter: Michael Springborn, UCDavis
Discussant: Justin Johnson Kakeu, Morehouse 

SPE and Efficient Management of Common Resources: The Lake Game
Presenter: Eric Dufrense, UQAM
Discussant: Michael Springborn, UCDavis

The Green Paradox, A Hotelling Cul de Sac
Presenter: Robert Cairns, McGill
Discussant: Margaret Insley, Waterloo

Session 2B, Room 1130

Chair: Jevan Cherniwchan, Alberta 

Energy Prices and International Trade: Incorporating Input-Output Linkages
Presenter: Ron Chan, Manchester
Discussant: Jevan Cherniwchan, Alberta

International Environmental Agreements: Stability with Transfers among Countries
Presenter: Stefania Strantza, Concordia
Discussant: Charles Seguin, UQAM 

Do Environmental Regulations Affect the Decision to Export?
Presenter: Jevan Cherniwchan, Alberta
Discussant: Ron Chan, Manchester

12:00 – Lunch (Leenders’ Lounge, 2nd Floor)

12:45 – Keynote: Frank Wolak, Stanford
Room 1120

1:45 – ECCC Session: Nick Macaluso, Director
Model Development and Quantitative Research Environment and Climate Change Canada           Overview of the Federal Carbon Pricing Policy and ECCC Academic Outreach
Room 1120 

2:15 – Short Break 

2:30 – Concurrent Sessions

Session 3A, Room 1120

Chair: Tom Ndebele, Clark 

Location Matters: Daylight Saving Time and Electricity Use
Presenter: Blake Shaffer, Calgary
Discussant: Adam Fremeth, Western

Consumer Switching in Retail Electricity Markets: Is Price All that Matters?
Presenter: Tom Ndebele, Clark
Discussant: Brett Dolter, Ottawa 

Session 3B, Room 1130

Chair: Joyce Yuan, ECCC

Optimal Carbon Taxation in a Federation
Presenter: Jason Stevens, UPEI
Discussant: Joyce Yuan, ECCC

Did Ontario’s Emission Permit Trading Policy Reduce Emissions?
Presenter: Joel Wood, Thompson Rivers
Discussant: Jason Stevens, UPEI

3:30 – Refreshment Break 

4:00 – Concurrent Sessions

Session 4A, Room 1120

Chair: Soodeh Saberian, Ottawa 

Sleepless in Shanghai
Presenter: Mingying Zhu, Ottawa
Discussant: Ross McKitrick, Guelph 

Informal versus Formal Corporate Social Responsibility: A Tale of Hidden Green Attitude
Presenter: Olivier Beaumais, Rouen
Discussant: Tina Gripton, ECCC 

Temperature and Decisions: Evidence from 207,000 Court Cases
Presenter: Soodeh Saberian, Ottawa
Discussant: Jennifer Winter, Calgary 

Session 4B, Room 1130

Chair: Tongzhe Li, Windsor

Payment and Provision Consequentiality: A Test on the “Knife-Edge” Evidence or Strong Consequentiality
Presenter: Jie He, Sherbrooke
Discussant: Tongzhe Li, Windsor 

Flood Risk Perceptions on Colorado’s Front Range
Presenter: Hannah Henninghausen, Graz
Discussant: Jie Hi, Sherbrooke 

Residents’ Preferences in Adopting Water Runoff Management Practices: Examining the Effect of Behavioral Nudges in a Field Experiment
Presenter: Tongzhe Li, Windsor
Discussant: Hannah Henninghausen, Graz 

5:30 –  Shuttle to Dinner
A bus will return attendees to the Station Park between 8:00-9:00pm.

Sunday, October 1, 2017 

6:45 sharp – Annual CREE Run (approx. 4-5km)
Meet in the lobby of the Station Park.
London weather is typically warm in September, but it is Canada.

8:15 – Shuttle to Ivey

8:45 – Concurrent Sessions

Session 5A, Room 1120

Chair: Kostas Metaxaglou, Carleton

Estimating the Effect of Changing Energy Prices on Plant Competitiveness using Plant-level Data
Presenter: Brett Dolter, Ottawa
Discussant: Sumeet Gulati, UBC

Optimal Finite Resource Royalties in the Presence of Priced Externalities
Presenter: Branko Boskovic, Alberta
Discussant: Kostas Metaxaglou, Carleton

Separate Markets for Externalities: Regional versus State-by-State Regulation of a Global Pollutant
Presenter: Kostas Metaxaglou, Carleton
Discussant: Branko Boskovic, Alberta

Session 5B, Room 1130

Chair: Rémi Morin Chassé, UPEI

The Consequences of Betrayal: A Theory of Resource Use and Conflict
Presenter: Elise Critoph, Ottawa
Discussant: Rémi Morin Chassé, UPEI

Concerns for Long-run Risks and Natural Resource Policy
Presenter: Justin Johnson Kakeu, Moorehouse
Discussant: Eric Dufresne, UQAM

Favorite or Underdog? Environmental Contests with Asymmetric Ability and Reimbursement
Presenter: Rémi Morin Chassé, UPEI
Discussant: Elise Critoph, Ottawa

10:15 – Refreshment Break

10:45 – Concurrent Sessions

Session 6A, Room 1120

Chair: Joel Wood, Thompson Rivers 

Quantile Regression Analysis of the Relationship between Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Energy Consumption, and Economic Growth
Presenter: Anthony Baffoe-Bonnie, Georgia
Discussant: Chi Man Yip, Calgary 

On The Distributions of Consumption, Income, and Wealth: The Interplay Between Externality Taxes and Income Taxes
Presenter: Chi Man Yip, Calgary
Discussant: Anthony Baffoe-Bonnie, Georgia 

Session 6B, Room 1130

Chair: Joel Bruneau, Saskatchewan

The Dynamics of Canada-U.S. Crude Oil Prices: Can we Identify the Effects of Binding Pipeline Capacity?
Presenter: Gregory Galay, Guelph
Discussant: Janelle Mann, Manitoba 

Translating Population Viability Analysis into a Dynamic Programming Framework to Facilitate Economic Intuition and Adaptive Management
Presenter: Michael Springborn, UCDavis
Discussant: Robert Cairns, McGill

Relationships and Dynamics between Ethanol and Gasoline Prices in Brazil
Presenter: Janelle Mann, Manitoba
Discussant: Joel Bruneau, Saskatchewan

12:15 – Lunch
Garden Room, Sommerville House, Western University

End of Conference




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