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Carbon Pricing and the Cap and Trade Program

October 16, 2018

To his own astonishment, Richard Laszlo has now been working on energy and climate policies and technology for nearly 15 years with a variety of public, private and non-profit organizations and has facilitated and spoken at dozens of workshops and events across Canada. Richard has been providing customized energy and carbon policy, strategy and communications expertise to corporate, utility and government clients under Laszlo Energy Services since 2010. As a Senior Associate with QUEST, Richard chairs the Ontario CHP Consortium, representing over 130 energy leaders from 70 organizations committed to moving combined heat and power (CHP) policies and projects forward. Richard’s research and advocacy work with QUEST includes Resilient Pipes and Wires, examining energy distributor actions and government policies in response to extreme weather events and Getting to Implementation in Canada! an initiative aimed at helping communities implement their Community Energy Plans. Richard is the proud author of Pollution Probe’s Primer on Energy Systems in Canada, and contributed to the development of the Ontario’s Renewable Energy Approval under the Green Energy and Green Economy Act.


  • Energy Policy and Management