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Launching a Clean Energy Startup

November 20, 2020

Stormfisher Graphic

Chris Guillon, Vice President, Finance and Co-Founder of StormFisher Environmental, spoke to students in Professor Adam Fremeth's Energy and Environment class to debrief a case study on the early years of his company, which owns one of the largest biogas plants in North America. StormFisher Environmental was founded in 2008, at a time when governments in many countries were implementing energy policies designed to stimulate private investment in renewable energy production and supply chains. The founders of StormFisher Environmental were successful in raising $350 million in private equity capital from a Boston-based fund seeking to enter the renewable energy sector in Canada and the United States. A key challenge for entrepreneurs in the energy industry, however, is to carefully assess the various technological, operational, and policy risk factors and to proactively develop risk management strategies. During the class, Guillon discussed the importance of systematically analyzing future risks as well as current opportunities in startup ventures, and his experience in building and managing StormFisher Environmental over the last decade.


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