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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

A Q&A with Bruce Power’s James Scongack

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  • Sep 4, 2018
A Q&A with Bruce Power’s James Scongack

James Scongack (far left) at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre with Doug Ford prior to Ford being elected Ontario Premier

Photo courtesy of Bruce Power

As the newest member of the Ivey Energy Consortium, Bruce Power will weigh in on Canada’s critical energy issues and help the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre to identify solutions.

During a recent visit to Ivey, James Scongack, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs and Operational Services at Bruce Power, said the company looks forward to working with the Energy Consortium partners in expanding initiatives aimed at educating Canadians on energy policy matters.

We asked him about Bruce Power’s goals in joining the Energy Consortium.

What are the benefits to being in the Energy Consortium?

We’re excited to bring a nuclear generator’s perspective to the Consortium as we look to help tackle the complex challenges and opportunities presented in the ever-changing energy sector. 

How can Bruce Power contribute to this initiative?

We have a unique perspective gained from our role in helping meet energy demands in Ontario over the past decade and a half through our unique public-private partnership model. As we continue in our program to extend the lives of the Bruce Power site to 2064, we want to share the details of economic benefit to the province and the role Bruce Power nuclear will continue to play in powering Ontario with carbon-free electricity.

What types of activities will Bruce Power’s gift support?

It has always been our belief that facts are our friends and that a healthy and open dialogue results in progressive policy decisions. We want to help shape energy-focused educational materials to ensure the next generation of policy-makers has the facts needed to make fact-based, informed decisions.