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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

Stikeman-Ivey Electricity Policy and Regulation Breakfast Series

Apr 27, 2023

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Smart policy, well-designed regulation and efficient market operations are critical for Ontario to successfully achieve its goals of electrification and decarbonization while simultaneously supporting economic prosperity.

The Ivey Business School's Energy Policy and Management Centre and Stikeman Elliott were pleased to present their second breakfast series panel on policy and regulatory issues in Ontario's electricity sector. They Engaged with academics, industry practitioners and government in high-level discussion related to Ontario's electricity market design and performance, electricity pricing, decarbonization and electrification.

This panel discussion explored whether Ontario needs a new integrated energy system planning regime to address new challenges and manage a successful transition to a clean, highly electrified economy

The second seminar featured the following speakers:


  • Adam Fremeth, Associate Professor of Business, Economics, and Public Policy at the Ivey Business School


  • Malini Giridhar, Vice President, Business Development and Regulatory Affairs at Enbridge Gas
  • Amanda Klein, Executive Vice President at Toronto Hydro
  • Len Kula, Former COO at the IESO