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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

7th Annual Electricity Workshop

Oct 16, 2023

20231016 093748

Session 1 Moderator Adam Fremeth with Speakers Wendy Franks, Meredith Fowlie, and Mark Olsheski

2023 Workshop Theme: Imperfect Markets, Imperfect Regulation, and Imperfect Government Policy: Finding a Balanced Approach for the Evolution of the Electricity Power Industry in the Energy Transition

The electric power industry has evolved considerably over the past several years, from vertically integrated power generation, transmission, distribution and retail companies to vertical separation and the creation of competitive generation and retail markets, to the integration of grid-level renewable generation, to a more decentralized provision of services and consumer investments in distributed energy resources.  The changes reflect technological advances on both the supply and demand sides, exploitation of economies of scale, innovations in regulatory models, environmental policy, and special interest group politics.  Each jurisdiction has chosen a different path in the evolution of its electricity industries, and each jurisdiction offers lessons for the future as no single approach has emerged supreme.  With the recent focus on decarbonization and the energy transition, many jurisdictions are exploring how best to govern their electric power industry in the transition to a decarbonized economy while maintaining an affordable and reliable supply of electricity.  This workshop will explore potential future developments in competitive wholesale and retail markets, regulation, and government policy for a successful transition to a decarbonized economy.


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This event was generously sponsored by the MSA, AESO, IESO, CAEE, and McCarthy Tetrault