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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre

Ivey Agrivoltaics Workshop Open for Registration!

Nov 3, 2023


The Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre will be hosting the 2nd Agrivoltaics Conference on Monday December 11, 2023 in London.

To keep Canada’s farmers farming, agrivoltaics (the symbiotic combinations of agricultural and solar photovoltaics) provides an opportunity to add a reliable revenue stream while even increasing crop yields. Agrivoltaics has enormous promise in Canada. Agrivoltaics is in its infancy in Canada, but as is the case globally, there is a projected rapid expansion over the coming 5 years and we intend to support that growth as a common ground for best practices, crop and generation measurements, new technologies, approaches and environmental and electrical policy development.

You can now register for this upcoming conference here