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Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre


Mar 12, 2016

Paul Boothe | Greenhouse gas reductions for Canada won’t be an easy task

Business news publication Dispatch Tribunal featured the report called “Sharing the Burden”, co-authored by Boothe and Lawrence Centre fellow Felix Boudreault, to illustrate approaches to reducing emissions.
Feb 29, 2016

Squaring the Circle: Canadian GHG Emissions

The Prime Minister and Premiers meet this week to discuss how to meet Canada’s 2030 GHG target. The Lawrence Centre tackles the question: What role should the federal government play in helping to transform Canada into a prosperous, low carbon society?
Feb 29, 2016

How Ottawa and the provinces can work together on climate change

In their op-ed for Maclean’s, Paul Boothe, Felix Boudreault and Chris Frankel summarize an appropriate approach for the federal government to take in driving climate change policies.
Feb 22, 2016

Paul Boothe | Feds could enforce national carbon price with or without provincial buy-in

iPolitics referenced a new report released by Ivey’s Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management, Sharing the Burden: Canadian GHG Emissions.
Feb 19, 2016

Paul Boothe and Felix-Antoine Boudreault | Carving up Canada’s climate change burden

In their op-ed for Maclean’s Professor Paul Boothe, Director of the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management, and Visiting Fellow Felix Boudreault question who will take responsibility for reducing GHGs.
Feb 18, 2016

Sharing the Burden: Canadian GHG Emissions

GHG reduction and climate change in Canada is particularly difficult given the enormous diversity in emissions across provinces and territories. But there is reason for optimism, says the Lawrence Centre. A collaborative approach between the federal government and provinces might be the way forward.
Jan 29, 2016

By the Numbers: Canadian GHG Emissions

As government representatives gather to iron out next steps in Canada’s climate change plan the Ivey Business School’s Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management has developed a summary of the basic facts to get the discussion rolling.
Jan 28, 2016

Paul Boothe and Felix-Antoine Boudreault | The party is over

Now that the Paris Climate Conference is over, it's time for federal and provincial environment ministers to get to work.
Jan 8, 2016

Guy Holburn | TransCanada NAFTA challenge could break U.S. winning streak

Associate Professor Guy Holburn, Director of the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre, spoke with The Canadian Press about TransCanada's proposed trade challenge against the U.S. over the rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline
Dec 17, 2015

Electricity privatization and restructuring in Ontario and abroad

Stephen Littlechild, former regulator of the U.K. electricity industry, shared lessons from the U.K. at two panel sessions in Toronto on November 30 called Electricity Privatization and Restructuring in Ontario and Abroad.