Professor, General Management, Sustainability & Strategy

  • Executive Director, Network for Business Sustainability
  • Director of the Centre for Building Sustainable Value
  • Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability


Dr. Bansal is a professor at the Ivey Business School. She is also the Director of the Centre on Building Sustainable Value and the Executive Director for the Network for Business Sustainability. She has received several significant accolades, signaling her significant contributions to scholarship in business sustainability. In 2017, she was presented with the Distinguished Scholar award by the Organizations and Natural Environment division of the Academy of Management; in 2012, she was awarded the Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability; and, in 2008, she was awarded the Aspen's Institute title of Faculty Pioneer for Academic Leadership.

Her research interests are at the intersection of sustainability and strategy. Her TedX talk describes some of her recent ideas. She has published in the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of International Business Studies, among others. She has co-edited two books in Business and the Natural Environment. Her research has also been cited in the popular press including The Globe and Mail, National Post, Wall Street Journal, and The Independent.

She is currently a Deputy Editor for the Academy of Management Journal and was an Associate Editor from 2010 to 2013. She has also sat on eight other editorial boards in the past. Since 1999, she has successfully raised over $10 million in government grants and $2M in corporate funding for sustainability-related research.



  • HBA, MBA, Exec, PhD: Strategy
  • HBA, MBA, MES, PhD: Sustainability
  • HBA, MBA, EMBA: International Management


  • DPhil, University of Oxford
  • MPhil, University of Oxford
  • MA, Western University
  • BA (Hons), University of Calgary

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