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Welcome to the MSc Class of 2023

Jan 4, 2022

MSc Class of 2023

The MSc Class of 2023 at the virtual welcome event.

Today, Ivey welcomed 82 new MSc International Business and CEMS Master in International Management students who make up the MSc Class of 2023.

We are also pleased to welcome 43 CEMS students from 22 schools in the CEMS MIM network who are on exchange at Ivey for the next four months.

The students kicked off the program with a virtual welcome event where they were greeted by MSc Program Faculty Director Greg Zaric, Ivey Dean Sharon Hodgson, and the MSc Association Executive.

Hodgson told the students Ivey’s program will give them unique insights into international business based on real-world business experiences.

“Through immersive cases, you’ll learn about what’s happening in the world, and the most pressing issues facing businesses today,” she said. “These learnings will help you to advance your careers, and more importantly, help you become remarkable leaders.”

She encouraged the students to connect with each other and the Ivey Alumni Network, a worldwide organization of more than 30,000 alumni.

The new MSc students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Here’s a look at the MSc Class of 2023 by the numbers.MSc Class of 2023 By the Numbers