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Year in Review


Year in Review


Year in Review

It was a year like no other, but we pivoted to meet the challenges presented by the global pandemic. And we came out stronger than ever. Here’s a glance at our impact in 2020. There were many accomplishments to celebrate – new programs, cutting-edge research, and some creative alumni network activity.

HBA Program

Image of students studying at the Ivey Business School

Our HBA Program attracts the best and brightest students who bring diverse academic and leadership experiences to the program. Armed with the Ivey Leadership Essentials that will set them apart in their careers, they have unlimited opportunities for success.

HBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2020

620Students (HBA1)
56%  Male
44%  Female
19%Completed a dual degree
12%Went on an international exchange or study trip
Class Diversity
Total sections 8
Students per section 78
University admission average 84%
Academic disciplines represented 55
Countries of citizenship 26
Birth countries 47
Languages spoken 45
Students speaking a second language 389

MSc Program

Students sitting in the Grand Hall at the Ivey Business School.

Our MSc Program builds on undergraduate experiences through three unique streams – an International Business stream to build cross-cultural aptitude for leading in an international environment, a Business Analytics stream focused on developing data-driven business decision-making skills, and the newly launched Digital Management stream that trains leaders to understand the role of technology in contemporary management.

MSc Facts and Figures

Class of 2020

47%  Male
53%  Female
Class Diversity International Business/CEMS Business Analytics Digital Management
Countries of citizenship 8 10 7
Birth countries 10 15 12
Languages spoken 19 16 14

MBA Program

Media Alimorad

Our streamlined one-year MBA offers an intense and integrated program focused on career success. That’s why it is known as one of the top MBA programs in Canada.

MBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2020

68%  Male
32%  Female
28%International work experience (pre-MBA)
81Went on an international exchange or study trip
5Average years of work experience
Class Diversity
Languages spoken 42
Countries of citizenship 34
Birth countries 31
Average age at entry 28.5

AMBA Program

Alysha Murji

Our new 12-month, while-you-work, blended learning Accelerated MBA (AMBA) prepares working professionals for the next stage of their career.

AMBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2020

43Graduates in "2020"
67%  Male
33%  Female
Class Diversity
Countries of citizenship 5
Birth countries 9
Born outside of Canada 49%
Languages spoken 14

EMBA Program

Close-up image of an EMBA student

Our EMBA Program attracts highly successful and experienced leaders across industries and professional backgrounds. In 2020, the EMBA continued to provide real-world business experiences both inside and outside the classroom. 

EMBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2020

116Graduates in 2020
68%  Male
32%  Female
Class Diversity
Countries of citizenship 10
Birth countries 28
Born outside of Canada 40%
Languages spoken 19

PhD Program

Image of Mansur Khamitov

Our PhD Program in Business Administration is a full-time research-based program designed to develop scholars and to place graduates at high quality research universities around the world. Ivey PhDs are showcased at conferences around the world, and regularly featured in top-tier academic and industry publications.

PhD Facts and Figures

Program as of 2020

55Students in total

23  Female

32  Male



5Ontario Graduate Scholarships

3Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Award Winners

Executive Education Worldwide

Stylized image of the Ivey Academy shield

Located at Spencer Leadership Centre, The Ivey Academy offers a complete suite of programs to boost organizational performance.

The Ivey Academy Facts and Figures

Program as of 2020

558Number of organizations participating in Ivey Academy Programs
76Number of custom programs delivered
8,250Number of custom program participant days taught
24Number of open-enrolment programs delivered
2,803Number of open-enrolment participant days taught
Participants by title
President/VP 25%
General Manager/Director 31%
Manager 32%
Other 12%

Executive Education - Asia Facts and Figures

Program as of 2020

88Number of organizations participating in Executive Education Programs
13Number of custom programs delivered
859Number of custom program participant days taught
18Number of open-enrolment programs delivered
1,267Number of open-enrolment participant days taught
Participants by title
President/VP 6%
General Manager/Director 24%
Manager 51%
Other 19%


Image of a crystal globe sitting on some books

Our faculty members continue to make their mark in research, the classroom, and the boardroom. They are a major influence on the development of future leaders and in the creation of new knowledge.

Faculty Facts and Figures

103Full-time Faculty

73%  Male

27%  Female

$2,736,14927 grants"2020" funding awards total

3Books published

6619 of FT top 50Refereed articles

Chairs, Fellowships & Professorships

74%  Male

26%  Female

Disciplines/Area Groups Institutes & Centres
Business, Economics, and Public Policy Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing
Entrepreneurship Building Sustainable Value
Finance CPA Ontario Centre for Accounting and the Public Interest
General Management Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership
Information Systems International Business Institute
International Business Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre
Managerial Accounting and Control Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management
Management Communications Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship
Management Science Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab
Operations Management  
Organizational Behaviour  


Image of some Ivey alumni

Our alumni continue to give back to the School in many ways – both in the classroom and out in the world as trusted mentors and advisors. The Ivey Alumni Network lives up to its reputation as a thriving worldwide community of business professionals and found creative ways to stay connected throughout 2020.

Alumni Facts and Figures

Countries worldwide
8,298Alumni supported the School through formal volunteering roles, speaking in the classroom, attending events and other activities
Ontario - GTA 13,842
Ontario - Other 3,810
British Columbia  1,638
Alberta 1,286
Quebec 669
Other 614
U.S. in 47 states 2,434
Asia 1,443
Europe 287
Degree Breakdown
HBA 14,337
MBA 12,334
EMBA 3,562
PhD 357
MSc 511

Donor Roll

Image of some Ivey alumni at the Ivey Business School

Like many of our peers, we have transitioned to an online Donor Roll as part of our approach to environmental sustainability and cost reduction. Our Online Donor Roll recognizes the generosity of alumni and friends who have given to Ivey. Learn more about its unique features, including the recognition of donor loyalty, giving societies and lifetime commitments of $25,000 or more.

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