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Why Ivey HBA?

You're right.
We're not your typical business school.

Going to university is a life changing experience. It is a time to explore, learn, and grow. The possibilities for your future have no limits.

No other program provides you with the opportunity to explore as many different career paths as the Ivey HBA. Equip yourself with leadership essentials that prepare you to take on any role, in any industry, in any part of the world.

The Ivey Difference

Ivey is different from traditional business schools. The Ivey Difference is a powerful combination of five interlinked elements:

The integration of these elements makes the Ivey Honors Business Administration (HBA) Program experience unique and beyond the scope of anything offered at traditional undergraduate business schools.

As an Ivey HBA, your technical knowledge of business will be as strong as, or stronger than, that of graduates of traditional business schools. What differentiates an Ivey HBA graduate from the graduates of these schools is what we call Ivey Leadership Essentials. These leadership traits are strongly developed in our students as a direct result of the interlinked elements of the Ivey Difference.

Keep Your Options Open

Choosing narrow paths of specialization can close doors that are difficult to reopen. The Ivey HBA gives you all the technical knowledge of a traditional business program, but it also builds on this knowledge, readying you with the skills and judgment to hit the ground running - wherever you go.

Dual Degree Opportunities

The combination of a deep knowledge of business and another academic or professional field makes for a strong career foundation. Apply your first two years of study at Western to obtain two degrees.

Personalized Program Experiences

Elective courses in HBA 2 allow you to design a personalized program of study to round out your business management education and complement your career objectives. Explore unique certificate options like the Ivey Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Certificate in Sustainability and Certificate in Business French.

International Opportunities

Spend your second term of HBA 2 on an international exchange at one of the top schools in Asia, Europe or Latin America or explore other international study opportunities.