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Year in Review


Year in Review


Year in Review

Celebrating 100 Years of Leadership.

As the School celebrates its Centennial we’ve challenged ourselves to look forward to the next 100 years of business leadership. With thousands of Ivey staff, faculty, alumni and students coming together at dozens of celebratory events – it was a banner year for the School. 

Whether it was accepting a historic 30-million dollar gift from the generous Donald K. Johnson, making momentous progress on our strategic plan, or advancing research on our critical issues, it was a year to move forward.

Here’s a glance at our impact in 2023.

HBA Program

Our HBA Program attracts the best and brightest students who bring diverse academic and leadership experiences to the program. With the Ivey Leadership Essentials that sets them apart in their careers and the 2+2 Program Structure that allows students to explore their academic interests, they have unlimited opportunities for success.

HBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2023

765Students (HBA1)
52%Self-identifying as men
48%Self-identifying as women
836Students (HBA2)
54%Self-identifying as men
46%Self-identifying as women
172Completed a dual degree
142Went on an international exchange or study trip
Class Diversity
Total sections 10
Students per section 77
University admission average 85%
Academic disciplines represented 55
Countries of citizenship 16
Birth countries 35
Languages spoken 32
Students speaking a second language 490
Hba Employment Report Cover 2022

HBA 2022 Employment Report

MSc Program

Our MSc Program builds on undergraduate experiences through three unique streams – an International Business stream to build cross-cultural aptitude for leading in an international environment, a Business Analytics stream focused on developing data-driven business decision-making skills, and the Digital Management stream that trains leaders to understand the role of technology in contemporary management.

MSc Facts and Figures

Class of 2023

51%Self-identifying as men
49%Self-identifying as women
Class Diversity International Business/CEMS Business Analytics Digital Management
Countries of citizenship 7 13 10
Birth countries 11 15 18
Msc Employment Report Cover 2022

MSc 2022 Employment Report

MBA Program

Our streamlined one-year MBA offers an intense and integrated program focused on career success. That’s why it is known as the #1 MBA programs in Canada for eight years running*.

MBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2023

68% Self-identifying as men
32% Self-identifying as women
28%International work experience (pre-MBA)
92Went on an international exchange or study trip
5.5Average years of work experience

*Bloomberg Businessweek

Class Diversity
Languages spoken 26
Countries of citizenship 24
Birth countries 22
Average age at entry 28.5
Mba Employment Report Cover 2022

MBA 2022 Employment Report

AMBA Program

Our 14-month, while-you-work, blended learning Accelerated MBA (AMBA) prepares working professionals for the next stage of their career.

AMBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2023

50Graduates in 2023
50% Self-identifying as men
50% Self-identifying as women
Class Diversity
Countries of citizenship 4
Birth countries 11
Born outside of Canada 34%
Languages spoken 3

EMBA Program

Our EMBA Program attracts highly successful and experienced leaders across industries and professional backgrounds. In 2023, the EMBA continued to provide real-world business experiences both inside and outside the classroom. 

EMBA Facts and Figures

Class of 2023

221Graduates in 2023
63% Self-identifying as men
37% Self-identifying as women
Class Diversity
Countries of citizenship 30
Birth countries 44
Born outside of Canada 50%
Languages spoken 20

PhD Program

Our PhD Program in Business Administration is a full-time research-based program designed to develop scholars and to place graduates at high quality research universities around the world. Ivey PhDs are showcased at conferences around the world, and regularly featured in top-tier academic and industry publications.

PhD Facts and Figures

Program as of 2023

55Students in total

45% Self-identifying as women

53% Self-identifying as men

2% Self-identifying as other gender



5Ontario Graduate Scholarships

1Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Award Winner

Executive Education Worldwide

Located at Spencer Leadership Centre, The Ivey Academy offers a complete suite of programs to boost organizational performance.

The Ivey Academy Facts and Figures

Program as of 2023

602Number of organizations participating in Ivey Academy Programs
78Number of custom programs delivered
8,286Number of custom program participant days taught
32Number of open-enrolment programs delivered
4,042Number of open-enrolment participant days taught
Participants by title
President/VP 30%
General Manager/Director 39%
Manager 26%
Other 6%

Executive Education - Asia Facts and Figures

Program as of 2023

86Number of organizations participating in Executive Education Programs
32Number of custom programs delivered
2,035Number of custom program participant days taught
7Number of open-enrolment programs delivered
104Number of open-enrolment participant days taught
Participants by title
President/VP 4%
General Manager/Director 36%
Manager 50%
Other 10%


Our faculty members continue to make their mark in research, the classroom, and the boardroom. They are a major influence on the development of future leaders and in the creation of new knowledge.

Faculty Facts and Figures

130Full-time Faculty

65% Self-identifying as men

35%Self-identifying as women

$2,272,68430 grants"2022" funding awards total

5Books published

10134 of FT top 50Refereed articles

Chairs, Fellowships & Professorships

62%Self-identifying as men

34%Self-identifying as women


Disciplines/Area Groups Centres, Institutes and Distinctive Research Areas
Business, Economics, and Public Policy Centre for Building Sustainable Value
Entrepreneurship CPA Ontario Centre for Accounting and the Public Interest
Finance Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership
General Management Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre
Information Systems Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management
International Business Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship
Managerial Accounting and Control Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab
Management Communications  
Management Science  
Operations Management  
Organizational Behaviour  


Our alumni continue to give back to the School in many ways – both in the classroom and out in the world as trusted mentors and advisors. The Ivey Alumni Network (IAN) lives up to its reputation as a thriving worldwide community of business professionals and grew in 2023 to continue to support its mandate of advancing Ivey’s agenda by providing alumni with continuous, relevant, high quality opportunities to connect, engage, contribute and advance, fostering connection to Ivey and support for the School.

New additions included and Alumni Connections pillar, focused on programming for personal and profession advancement; both BIPOC and Pride groups under the EDI pillar, and launching two Alumni Communities (shared interest groups) focused on Sustainability and Pride.

Alumni Facts and Figures

Countries worldwide
7,247Alumni supported the School through formal volunteering roles, speaking in the classroom, attending events and other activities
Ontario - GTA 13,715
Ontario - Other 6,770
British Columbia 1,876
Alberta 1,389
Quebec 685
Other 661
U.S. in 47 states 2,503
Asia 1,478
Europe 304
UK 349
Degree Breakdown
HBA 16,009
MBA 12,988
EMBA 3,854
PhD 387
MSc 1089

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