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Ivey Career Connections Program

Connecting alumni with current students to learn about careers and industries of interest is an important part of an Ivey student journey — it helps them shape their career strategy and grow their network for lifelong professional development.

What is the Ivey Career Connections Program?

  • A program that partners current Ivey students with Ivey alumni to schedule short conversations
  • Students are able to research and explore industries, functions and geographic areas of interest while they build confidence, and expand their career network
  • Participants are able to share their experience and expertise, and provide the guidance needed to make important career decisions — both post grad and beyond

How Does it Work?

  • Participants create a profile which details their professional experience, and identifies the program(s) and number of students they are able to connect with
  • Students custom search the participant database and request connections
  • Once matched, students and participants receive a confirmation email from our team prompting them to schedule a 30-minute Career Connection (virtually or in person)
  • The student will work with you directly to arrange a time to connect and have your conversation

What Can I Expect?

During your conversation, you can expect the student(s) that you connect with to be:

  • in various stages of professional development with respect to their career strategy
  • developing their professional voice and communication style
  • eager to gather information and obtain feedback on their professional presence and networking skills
  • asking lots of questions!

How Do I Participate?

Thank you for considering this important initiative! The Ivey Career Connections Program is a great way for you to help shape the next generation of Ivey leaders.

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