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Alumni · Pat Morden

Reaching for the Stars

Mar 31, 2014

Reach for the Stars 1

What does it take to build an effective business team? In the case of the Smart Parts™ program team at Bombardier, it’s the contribution of five past and present team members who leveraged their unique Ivey learning experience.

Bill Molloy, EMBA ’09, Sam Griffiths, MBA ’07, Eric Tang, MBA ’08, Peter McIntosh, HBA ’10, and Dennis Li, HBA ’11, have all been part of the Smart Parts™ program for Bombardier’s Q400* aircraft. Launched in 2008, the Smart Parts™ program helps airlines manage their operational and component maintenance costs. The team partners with individual airlines to tailor a program that meets their needs. Among the airlines currently on the program are India’s SpiceJet, Eurolot of Poland, Luxembourg’s Luxair and Jazz Aviation of Canada. “Our customers see the value in working with the aircraft manufacturer,” says Molloy, Director of CSeries Customer Care, Bombardier Aerospace. “They value the fact that we put as much focus on our aftermarket services as we do in delivering a world-class aircraft.”


The Smart Parts™ program has grown exponentially, doubling the size of its fleet under management last year. The team members believe their common background contributes to that success. “We complement each other and bring different skills to the team,” says Molloy. “Our work involves a lot of strategic planning, analytical modeling, and decision-making, which is part of the program at Ivey.” The team also leverages resources across Bombardier Aerospace, a reflection of Ivey’s focus on cross-functional leadership.

The Smart Parts™ program team expects growth in the business and commercial aircraft programs in 2014, and is gearing up to offer the same program for Bombardier’s CSeries* aircraft.

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.