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Fall 2015

Publication Date: September 1, 2015

Intouch Fall 2015 Cover For Website

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The Un-Virtual World of Manufacturing
From high-end jewelry, medications and cardboard, to steel containers and adhesives, Ivey alumni are making it, making things. By focusing on innovation, quality and customers, they’re keeping their enterprises successful during a time of change.

Framed: Alumni in Museums and Galleries
They come. They see. They learn. They buy (maybe). Museums and art galleries are special places—the keepers of our culture and heritage, and sometimes highly successful enterprises. Seven alumni talk about why museums and art galleries matter.

From Day One: The Class of 2015
The unique Ivey experience starts when you walk through the door for the first time. And doesn’t end with graduation, or perhaps even with retirement. Students graduating in 2015 reflect on where it all started and what they will take with them from the School.


Dean's Message

Craig Dunbar and Michael King share a passion for finance and a talent for repartee. Oh, and they both agree that Monopoly is not a metaphor for the world of high finance.

Ivey Buzz
What’s happening around the School and around the world.

Left Turn
The simple joy of a perfect T-shirt—soft, well cut, quietly cool. Rami Helali, HBA ’10, is delivering the goods, and helping revive the Egyptian cotton industry in the process. Helali left his “dream job” to develop a business selling gloriously soft Egyptian cotton clothing.

When a career in consulting was wearing her down, Kyra Huntington, HBA ’11, re-energized by volunteering her skills for six months in Tanzania, Africa with the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Giving to Ivey
Leading a not-for-profit (NFP) organization is every bit as complex and challenging as running a multinational corporation. But NFP leaders don’t have the big bucks for leadership development. Thanks to KPMG’s generous support, CommunityShift™ is filling the bill.

Your Ivey Network
Ladies learning code. Class liaisons who go above and beyond. First thoughts from our new Ivey Alumni Network Chair. And best of all, the latest news from your Ivey friends. Admit it: this is where you turn first! (That’s okay, we don’t mind.)