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Part-time MBA vs. Ivey’s Accelerated MBA

Which Program is Best for You?

Ivey’s Accelerated MBA is a 14-month, while you work program. Ivey’s optimized program structure allows you to pursue your MBA online and in class, while continuing to work. Let’s compare the benefits of Ivey’s Accelerated MBA with other part-time programs.

14-Months – Start to Finish

  • Many part-time programs may seem flexible, but they sure take a long time to complete. Depending on how many courses you take, it could take three to four years of juggling work, home and study to get your degree. With Ivey’s Accelerated MBA program, you’ll gain the knowledge you need and the ability to apply that knowledge to succeed. 

Plan Your Schedule

  • Some part-time programs have classes scheduled each and every week in the evenings or weekends. Our Program is delivered over three classroom days per month (Friday through Sunday) at our Toronto campus, with convenient online learning throughout the year.

Study With Your Network

  • With each part-time course you take, you could be in class with all new people. There’s no continuity. No bonding. At Ivey, you’ll learn on-line and in monthly class sessions with your peers through our cohort-based program. You’ll study with them, debate and discuss issues, and travel on an International Study Trip together, leading to professional connections and personal bonds with peers and faculty that last a lifetime.

Set Your Own Pace

  • Our combination of online learning and in-class sessions allows you to learn concepts at your own pace, and then discuss them in class. Careful sequencing of the program elements and cases builds on one another to provide a powerful and unique learning experience.

Gain Credit for Your Degree

  • We give you credit for your undergraduate business degree and a GMAT waiver is available for qualified applicants.

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