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Why an Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates?

Accelerate your career.

The Ivey Accelerated MBA fast tracks your thinking, and your career. Working and pursuing an Ivey MBA at the same time is a big commitment, but it will change the way you look at work, the world and yourself. Your experience will transform your career in ways that extend far beyond traditional measures of ROI. An Ivey MBA will position you to compete and succeed in your career, now and in the future.

Ivey MBA vs. Ivey Accelerated MBA for business graduates

Are you a better fit for the full-time Ivey MBA Program or the Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates Program? The answer comes down to what you bring to the class, and what you are looking to get out of the program.


Full-time Ivey MBA

Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Grads

Previous Education Requirement

Completed undergraduate degree in any discipline

Completed undergraduate degree in business

Work Experience Range

2 to 10 years

2 to 10 years

Career Management

Career Management fully integrated into class, and active recruiting from partner firms provide complete support for students looking for a career change

Career coaches, and career management support provide an edge to students looking to advance their careers


Core courses curriculum, plus opportunity to choose electives

Set core course curriculum only

Class Structure

Full-time class-based program

While you work, blended online and in-class format

Hours and Location

Full-time; London, Ontario

One week residential session in London, Ontario, one 3-day module per month in Toronto (Friday to Sunday), an international study trip in December, and approximately 20 hours per week of study

A powerful and engaging learning environment

The Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is delivered through a blend of online and live classroom experiences at Ivey’s downtown Toronto campus. The classroom environment is fundamental to learning and facilitating your network, while the online experience offers convenience and balance while you work.

The Ivey learning environment is not a passive learn-by-listening approach. You will learn in a stimulating, collaborative environment enriched by the substantial experience of your peers in the classroom. Ivey’s case method experience is a key component of our powerful and transformational learning environment.

Ivey’s case-based approach is highly interactive – you will discuss, test, and collaborate as you develop solutions to the world’s most challenging business issues. It is a powerful learning environment that mirrors the way you work.

The Ideal Candidate