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Ivey Accelerated MBA Program Structure and Curriculum

Build on your business education

Achieve greater levels of success for yourself and your organization. Think broadly about your business and the environment in which it operates. Most importantly, develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are shared by the world's most effective leaders.

Learning Outcomes

Develop stronger analytical, decision-making and implementation skills – and a new way of thinking that will become integral to everything you do. These abilities are applicable right away, providing true benefits to your career and your organization immediately.

  • Apply the fundamentals of business to address complex senior level challenges;
  • Develop a thorough understanding of leadership essentials: how to lead people, how to lead change, and how to communicate for persuasion and influence;
  • Apply skills for negotiations to develop better outcomes;
  • Build and deploy innovation-centric and emphatic-design strategies in both corporate and startup environments;
  • Apply principles of innovation to address start-up challenges;
  • Apply principles of disruption to address changes to corporate strategy and implementation;
  • Develop an understanding of global economics and their impact on strategic business decisions;
  • Develop an understanding of globalization effects on marketing, operations, finance and strategy and,
  • Acquire experience of globalization through an international field learning course.

Curriculum Structure

The Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates curriculum consists of 14 courses across three themes. The careful sequencing of the individual classes, courses, and themes build on one another throughout the Program's three terms to provide you with a powerful and unique learning experience.

Theme 1 – Leadership Essentials

The first theme reviews business fundamentals and has a primary focus on developing a deeper understanding of leadership.



Theme 2 – Innovation and Disruption

The second theme has a primary focus on the ever-changing landscape of business; students will develop an understanding of innovation as both a threat and opportunity through their course work and Ivey Field Project.


Ivey Field Project

Students partner with a company to study a cross-enterprise issue, problem, or opportunity of operational, organizational, or strategic significance. You apply and integrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the Program to determine the best course of action for the company and present your findings to a group of company representatives.

Theme 3 – Global Business

The third theme has a primary focus on business in a global context; students will work through real life examples of global business through case study and personal experience during their international study trip.


International Study Trip

The International Study Trip is an outstanding opportunity to test key learnings from your Ivey MBA Program in the real world. The trip is also an excellent crash course in several different aspects of international business - from understanding the importance of cultural nuances, to adapting risk analysis strategies within a global context.

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