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Experience the Ivey AMBA Difference

There are many MBA programs out there, but none as powerful as the Ivey MBA.

The Ivey Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is nothing short of transformational – it is an experience that will shape the way you approach challenges and opportunities throughout your career.

How You Learn

How you learn is just as important as what you learn.

Learn By Doing

At Ivey, how you learn is just as important as what you learn. Because no matter how engaging a faculty member may be, you can't be lectured into becoming a great decision maker.

Confidence comes with practice. In the Ivey classroom, you'll develop your confidence as you apply what you've learned, while being challenged by your classmates and faculty. They'll offer perspectives from real-world business experience as you work through each case, imparting years of knowledge in just 14 transformational months.

Case-Method Learning

Ivey Case-Method Learning isn't just teaching; it's about instilling powerful decision-making skills that will stay with you long after graduation. By working through complex, multi-disciplined challenges in tight-knit groups, you'll develop a new way of thinking that influences everything you do going forward. You'll adopt a big-picture point of view, and you'll improve your confidence and ability to turn options into decisions, knowledge into action, and ideas into change.

To prepare for class, you'll assess each case and develop your action plan as though you are the leader dealing with that particular business challenge. From there, you'll test your ideas with your learning team, and new ideas and strategies will emerge. This exercise builds confidence in your decisions and prepares you for class itself. The Ivey classroom is the final step, where you'll open the debate to the diverse perspectives and experiences of the entire class.

Who You Learn With

Learn with the best and brightest classmates from a diverse range of experiences.

Fellow Graduate Students

The quality of your classmates truly matters at Ivey. Case-Method Learning is transformational when you and your faculty member can draw on the diverse experiences and perspectives of the class.

Fit is everything at Ivey. Our admissions process ensures that every student is capable of contributing to the learning of others, and that every student is open to learning from the diverse perspective of others. These are peers who will challenge, motivate, and support you and expect the same in return.

Ivey MBA Faculty

Your Ivey faculty will contribute valuable experience from outside the classroom. Through their research, case writing, and consulting assignments, they have a keen understanding of the pressures and challenges facing organizations in Canada and around the world, and are actively involved with them. Your professors will have first-hand knowledge about the case at hand, resulting in a deeper and more relevant learning experience. And they are very accessible - both during your time at Ivey, and afterward on an informal basis.

What You Learn

Enhance your ability to always see the bigger picture.

Practical Learning With Real-World Relevance

You will build greater expertise in all functional areas of business but with a Cross-Enterprise Leadership perspective. You will learn to make decisions that build success across the entire organization.  Ivey’s Case-Method Learning and highly relevant projects develop your judgment, confidence, and effectiveness in knowing and how to apply what you have learned.

Ivey Leadership Essentials

At Ivey, you learn by doing. As you apply your learning you are developing and enhancing your leadership capabilities. Ivey focuses on five interlinked elements that give you the knowledge and leadership capabilities required to turn concepts into decisions, knowledge into action, and ideas into change. They are at the core of everything we do at Ivey and are what truly differentiates our graduates as leaders. We call these the Ivey Leadership Essentials

The International Study Trip

With a broader strategic and leadership perspective, new knowledge, and sharpened skills, you get a chance to apply your learning in a global context with the International Study Trip.

Who Came Before You

Meet your network and learn the art of leveraging those influential connections.

Join The Prestigious Ivey Alumni Network

You’ll grow a powerful and influential professional network, starting with a special bond between you and everyone from your year. It’s a bond that will last a lifetime.

You’ll also have access to one of the most prestigious alumni networks in Canada and the world. That means more “who you knows” than you will likely ever need. Ivey Alumni are busy leading the business world, but they also maintain strong connections to the school as recruiters, guest speakers, sponsors, and mentors.

A Culture of Support

Ivey does more than just connect you to influential people. You’ll also learn the art of effectively leveraging those connections. Developing new relationships and building on the ones you have is a core skill that’s vital to your career.

Ivey graduates have a culture of saying yes to meeting with other Ivey grads to talk business or mutual opportunities. This culture is fostered from day one and continues well beyond graduation. Ivey grads understand each other, and they know that you chose Ivey because you value what makes it different from traditional business schools. That shared connection says a lot about who you are today and who you will become.

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