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Manan Joshi, MBA ‘23, Management Consultant at The Poirier Group, on exploring new paths, growing your network, and making a change.

Manan Joshi, MBA ‘23, joined Ivey’s Accelerated MBA program because he was ready for the next step in his career and hoped the program would give him some clarity to move into that next phase.

“I felt like it was time to make move and I was ready for the next step,” said Joshi, who was working as a Senior Analyst, Strategic Initiatives, for Loblaw Companies Ltd. when he began the program and is now a Management Consultant with The Poirier Group.

“I had wanted to pursue an MBA at some point in my life, and during the pandemic, it felt like it was the right time.”

While Joshi was drawn to Ivey because of the school’s strong reputation and its use of the Case Method, he was also interested in learning with a cohort of like-minded professionals and expanding his network.

His classmates’ diverse backgrounds helped Joshi consider different avenues during his time at Ivey and allowed him to get a sense of what it may look like to work at different companies and industries after years at Loblaw.

Joshi found the most impactful courses to be ones that helped improve soft skills and leadership, such as Impact and Influence.

“That course really taught me about how people perceive me, from the way I carry myself, the way I speak, my body language, and how I can be more persuasive,” he said.

Power and Politics provided eye-opening insights into how people observe power within an organization, and who holds power (regardless of title).

“I have a new lens on organizations, teams, colleagues, and on what being a leader means,” Joshi said.

“It’s about knowing when to speak up and also when to step back and empower someone else; when you need to take power and when you need to delegate – all while listening to, and helping support, those around you to achieve the common goal.”

But for Joshi, the most valuable takeaway has been his new network.

“You get to make genuine connections with people I now consider close friends,” he said.

“There’s a camaraderie that doesn’t always exist in full-time programs where everyone is competing for the same job. With the Accelerated MBA, everyone's willing to help each other out.

And for myself, I made it a priority during the program explore and learn from everybody, and I think that really helped open some doors.”

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Manan Joshi

Manan Joshi

Management Consultant, The Poirier Group

Toronto, Canada

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