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Accelerated MBA Podcast

In Conversation with Kanina Blanchard, Ivey Accelerated MBA Faculty

Apr 26, 2023

Kanina Blanchard instructs the Impact and Influence class in Ivey’s Accelerated MBA program and has extensive experience working in international business, the public service, non-profit, and consulting. Having lived and worked globally, she is recognized for her ability to adapt, lead teams and projects, and navigate complexities across various sectors, geographies, and cultures. With expertise in the areas of organizational and communication challenges as well as issues, crisis and change management, her greatest passion is in the area of leadership development, education, and coaching.




Video Time Code

Audio/Video - Markers

00:00 to 02:25

Introduction: World Class + Passionate

02:25 to 05:15

Growth in a volatile world: Mindfulness, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Communication, and Leadership

5:15 to 6:25

Interesting shows and podcasts

06:25 to 08:58

A Bootcamp Experience for Courageous, Driven, Passionate Students

08:58 to 10:53

Blended Learning that is Socially Connected and Engaged + Lifelong Learning

10:53 to 12:13

Career Success while in program

12:13 to 14:21

Impact and Influence: The Art and Science of compelling people + Emotional Intelligence

14:21 to 15:45

The Case Method – Experiential + Active Learning

15:45 to 19:35

Assessment and Evaluation of Learning throughout the program

19:20 to 22:55

The World of Work: Diversity in the Accelerated MBA Program

22:55 to 26:47

Advice for anyone considering the Accelerated MBA

26:47 to 28:45

Your Disposition to Lead: Elevating your authentic approach to leadership

28:45 to 30:25

Final Thoughts: A curated experience