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Influence and Persuasion

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  • Influence and Persuasion
Business success is determined by our ability not just to communicate effectively, but to present our ideas, proposals, plans and perspectives with clarity, persuasion, and credibility. Communicating with impact, and being compelling in both verbal and nonverbal ways is key for leaders. The ability to influence others is also key to develop followership. Knowing oneself, others along with contextual awareness are fundamental. The leader’s ability to read, analyze and then respond appropriately to the potential follower and stakeholder, begins with a knowledge and awareness of self, requires care for the other and insight into the context. Therefore, the course also enables the participants to analyze their communication and leadership style, flex it to accomplish shared objectives and ensure it fits the circumstance/context. Encouragement, instruction and peer feedback will be vehicles to “stretch” each participant’s behavioral comfort zone to new cognitive and experiential levels of success. Leaders are communicators.


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