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Do you have a business undergraduate degree with two to seven years of work experience? Want to know if you meet our admission requirements? Before you apply we can review your skills and credentials to confirm your eligibility. Submit your resume or LinkedIn profile link and we will contact you within two business days.

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To ensure you are inquiring about the right program, please confirm you meet the following criteria: 

  • You are currently living and working in Canada 
  • You have an undergraduate degree in Business or Commerce 
  • You have 2-10 years of work experience from graduation date. 

We encourage you to review alternative Masters Program requirements and submit your profile
The Ivey MBA Program is a full-time 1-year program based in London, Ontario. Applicants must have 2-10 years of full-time work experience post-graduation. GMAT, GRE or CFA III completion is required. Submit your MBA profile.

The Ivey Executive MBA Program is a while-you-work MBA Program for executives with a minimum of 8-9 years of leadership experience. You must be living and working in Canada and demonstrate experience in senior-level decision making or management of people. Submit your Executive MBA profile.

The Ivey MSc Program is a full-time, 16-month program in London, ON and suited for those with less than three years works experience. Submit your MSc profile.

The Ivey Master of Management in Analytics Program is a while-you-work program for those with undergraduate coursework in Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics/Probability, or Computer Programming. You must be living and working in Canada with demonstrated work experience (2-10 years from time of graduation) working with data and information. Submit your Masters of Management in Analytics profile.
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Please note: an undergraduate degree is required for this program.

*Results of assessment are independent of an application.

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