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Student Participant Pool

The Ivey Research Lab has two student participant pools: BUS 1220E students and HBA1 students.

As a BUS 1220E student on the Western campus you have the option of participating in 3 research studies that you will receive credit for. Alternatively, you may complete 3 research article essays.  See your course outline for more details.

As an HBA1 student at Ivey you have the option of participating in 2 research studies. Alternatively, you may complete 2 research article essays. See the email that was sent early September for more details. 

At the beginning of the school year you will receive an email from the Behavioural Lab Coordinator with a username and password to the student SONA website. This is where you will learn about studies that are available for participation, sign-up for studies, and cancel/change your appointment time.

Whenever a new study is available you will receive an email.

If you sign up for a study and then decide not to participate, please cancel your timeslot. Failure to show up for two studies that you have signed up for will cause your account to be frozen for 3 weeks, during which you will not be eligible to sign-up for new studies.

For more information please contact Dr. Karen Hussey, the Research Officer, at

Faculty members, PhD students and participants talk about Ivey’s state-of-the-art research lab, showcasing key research findings that were made possible by the participation of Western students, staff and community members.