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In the Lab

The lab consists of a large dedicated space containing 22 computer stations equipped with private carrels, one breakout room with two computers (including the eye-tracking unit) and another breakout room with 6 computer stations. These rooms can be setup for studies requiring a more specialized configuration. Through a recent $114,000 infrastructure grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and a matching $114,000 grant from the Ontario Research Fund, the lab has been outfitted with the following equipment:

  • An iMotions System which includes a Tobii X2 30 Eye Tracker, Affectiva Research software for emotion recognition, integration with our iWorx systems and Qualtrics software subscription.
  • iWorx Systems, Inc. PK-214 Psychophysiology Kit including measurements of galvanic skin response, heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, pulse volume, EEGs from the left and right hemispheres and EKG’s. 
  • Noldus Observer XT and Pocket Observers, an observational data collection and analysis system that can be used for lab based and field studies
  • Portable data collection instruments including digital recorders, video cameras and microphones.

The lab is also equipped with many software programs. Qualtrics, MediaLab, DirectRT, Inquisit and zTree are a few of the most utilized programs available to researchers. Other software is often available by request.