The lab consists of a large dedicated space containing 22 computer stations equipped with private carrels, one breakout room with two computers (including the eye-tracking unit) and another breakout room with 6 computer stations. These rooms can be setup for studies requiring a more specialized configuration. Through a recent $114,000 infrastructure grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and a matching $114,000 grant from the Ontario Research Fund, the lab has been outfitted with the following equipment:

  • ASL EYE-TRAC® PC eye-tracking unit with GazeTracker full analysis and presentation software. This desktop solution measures the participant’s eye line of gaze with respect to a single stationary surface in the environment.
  • iWorx Systems, Inc. PK-214 Psychophysiology Kit including measurements of galvanic skin response, heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, pulse volume, EEGs from the left and right hemispheres and EKG’s. LabScribe2 and OpenSesame are provided to collect data using this equipment.
  • Noldus Observer XT and Pocket Observers, an observational data collection and analysis system that can be used for lab based and field studies
  • Eye in the Sky Video Recording Equipment, which records both audio and video in high definition.
  • Portable data collection instruments including digital recorders, video cameras and microphones.

The lab is also equipped with many software programs. Qualtrics, MediaLab, DirectRT, Inquisit and zTree are a few of the most utilized programs available to researchers. Other software is often available by request.