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International Business Institute

Cases by Region

Case studies are interactive, dynamic, and participant-driven teaching tools designed to guide students through real-world case examples of business issues. Students learn to analyze information, develop rational alternatives, make decisions, and recommend implementation tactics in time-sensitive situations, just as they would as practicing managers.

The table below lists the number of cases available through Ivey Publishing by region and country as of July 2018. Click on the country name to link directly to Ivey Publishing's database of cases featuring that country. 

 Region Country Number of cases
 Africa   Kenya  23
South Africa 152
Tanzania 12 



Australia 53
China  456
Hong Kong 101
India 750
Indonesia 36
Japan 108
Malaysia 26
Philippines 26
Singapore 65
South Korea 129
Taiwan 43
Thailand 31
Vietnam 28
Europe         Belgium 28
Denmark 32
France 51
Germany 61
Italy 22
Netherlands 29
Russia 38
Sweden 24
United Kingdom 493
Middle East and North Africa (MENA)   Egypt 13
Lebanon 26
Saudi Arabia 16
North America   Canada 2022
Mexico 54
United States of America 1281
South America Brazil 23