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How We Built the Hassle Factor

The Hassle Factor is a composite measure of 11 indicators constructed using a multi-method design that includes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The indicators were selected based on a qualitative review of academic literature, newspaper articles, and magazines on the topic of business travel. In addition, travel agents specializing in business travel and frequent business travellers were consulted. The results of this process were then assessed by our researcher team who identified the 11 distinct travel hassles or indicators. Next, the team measured each of the indicators for all 180 countries using quantitative and qualitative data. Finally, factor analysis was conducted which used the indicator values for each country to determine that country’s Hassle Factor score.  

When selecting our data sources we made every effort to use the best data available for as many countries as possible. Many of our sources are opensource resources such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization databanks that include data on at least 165 countries. However, we are committed to constantly improving the Hassle Factor measure. If you are aware of better data sources for any of our indicators, please let us know. 

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