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International Business Institute

An Anthology of Ivey Business Journal (simplified Chinese translation)

Ivey Business Journal (IBJ),first published in 1933, was launched with the objective of improving the practice of management. As Canada's leading magazine of business thought and management practice, each bi-monthly issue tackles subject matters that are important to managers everywhere: Innovation, Leadership, Knowledge Management, and other topics that managers need to know more about to steer their firms to success. IBJ articles are written by some of the world’s leading management thinkers, consultants and practitioners. And as always, they deliver practical suggestions that readers will be able to apply to their own organization or situation. This collection of IBJ articles was carefully selected for their relevance to Chinese managers.

China and India

1.    The Critical Role of Business Groups in China

2.    How to Meet China's Cost Innovation Challenge

3.    Negotiating with the Complex, Imaginative Indian

4.    Doing Business in India: Caveat Venditor

CEOs & Boards

5.    General Electric: An Outlier in Developing CEO Talent

6.    Diversity to Maximum Advantage: The Business Case for Appointing More Women to Boards


7.    Great Leadership is Good Leadership

8.    The Cross-Enterprise Leader

9.    Leader's Edge: An Interview with C.K. Prahalad

10.  He Shoots, He Misses? Fire the Bum!

Innovation & Knowledge

11.  Knowledge Management: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property

12.  Using Purposes to Drive Innovation

13.  The Project Management Paradox: Achieving More by Doing Less

Human Resources

14.  Strategic Training Means Always Putting Employees First

15.  HR Strategies That Can Take the Sting Out of Downsizing-related Layoffs


16.  Globalization is an Option Not an Imperative. Or, Why the World is Not Flat

17.  Global Fatalities: When International Executives Derail

18.  Negotiating: The Top Ten Ways That Culture Can Affect Your Negotiation

19.  Global Integration and the Performance of Multinationals' Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets

Best Practice

20.  The Entrepreneur's Dilemma: Generating Cash in a Credit Crunch

21.  Getting to Growth: The Organization as Its Own Worst Enemy

22.  Seven Steps to Merger Excellence

23.  Negotiating in a Different Environment: Making Each Deal Count