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International Business Institute

Legal-Business Management Cases (in simplified Chinese)

This book contains 15 chapters, which draw upon seven Ivey-registered cases. Details follow.

  1. Is Business Success Inseparable from Offering Bribes?
    by Fengli Mu
  2. Strategy of Product Quality Control in Perspective of Legal-Business Management1
    by Xiaoqing Chai
  3. Develop the Strategy of Enterprise Environmental Management and Waste Management2
    by Jianhua Ge
  4. The Contract Management in the Context of the Overall Optimized Supply Chain
    by Miao Yu
  5. Local Challenge in the ‘Grand Hotel’ Era3
    by Chen Xi and Wang Zhong
  6. Rational Penetrates Risk & Courage Creates Future
    by Zhiying Ma
  7. An Excellent Foreign Teacher in China’s Fashion Market4
    by Zhiying Ma
  8. Press and Publishing-related Business Activities in China
    by Fengli Mu and He Dan
  9. How Do Retailers Address Environmental Issues?5
    by Jianhua Ge
  10. Strategic Brand Management Wisdom under Legal-Business Perspective
    by Xi Chen
  11. Strategy Thinking of Legal Defense War6
    by Zhiying Ma
  12. Trademark and Franchising: An Old Yet New Topic
    by Jianhua Ge
  13. Dealing with the Employee-Turnover from the Aspect of Legal-Business Management7
    by Ting Wang
  14. Legal-Business Management in Technology-oriented Entrepreneurial Enterprises
    by Ling Wang, Zhiying Ma and Kangxu Mao
  15. IT Competitive Advantage of GMGS: Based on Dual-capability Barriers of Legal-Business
    by Xiaowu Zhu

1  See "Mattel and the Toy Recalls (A)" (9B08MC10),
   "Mattel and the Toy Recalls (B)" (9B08MC11)
2  See "Navistar: Environmental Management" (9A96DC01)
3  See "Majestica Hotel in Shanghai?" (9B05MC35)
4  See "Bestseller - Facing a New Competitive Landscape in
   China" (9B11MC54)
5  See "Carrefour China, Building a Greener Store" (9B08MC48)
6  See "Hopax (A)" (9B10MC04), "Hopax (B)" (9B10MC05),
   "Hopax (C)" (9B10MC06)
7  See "Bax Global Limited: Staff Turnover in Mainland China"