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Cases from 10 Ivey faculty made The Case Centre’s 2021 bestsellers list

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  • Jan 17, 2022
Cases from 10 Ivey faculty made The Case Centre’s 2021 bestsellers list

Top, l-r: Murray Bryant, June Cotte, Steve Foerster, Elizabeth Grasby, Ian Dunn; Bottom l-r: Jim Hatch, Harry Lane, Derrick Neufeld, Vaughan Radcliffe, Shane Wang.

The Case Centre’s annual list of bestselling cases by discipline included nine cases in four different categories that were written by 10 Ivey faculty members. The Case Centre is a nonprofit organization that distributes the largest collection of management case studies to business schools around the world. Each year, it recognizes the top 15 bestselling cases in 10 major subject areas. This year, 14 Ivey Publishing cases made the cut, among them nine written by 10 former and current Ivey faculty.

Here’s a look at the Ivey faculty case writers and their bestselling cases.

Murray Bryant, Professor Emeritus, Managerial Accounting and Control (with Ken Mark, HBA ’98)
Finning International Inc: Management Systems in 2009
Category: Finance, Accounting and Control

June Cotte, Professor, Marketing (with Marta Jarosinski, HBA ’09)
Burberry's New Challenges
Category: Marketing

Steve Foerster, HBA ’81, Professor, Finance (with Rob Barbara, MBA ’96)
Laurentian Bakeries
Category: Finance, Accounting and Control

Elizabeth Grasby, Professor Emeritus and former director of the Pre-Business Program, with Ian Dunn, HBA ’07, MBA ’15, Lecturer and Co-Director, Business Foundations Program
Healthy Life Group
Category: Finance, Accounting and Control

Jim Hatch, Professor Emeritus, Finance (with Ken Mark, HBA ’98)
Industrial Accessories Ltd.
Category: Finance, Accounting and Control

Harry Lane, Professor Emeritus, Organizational Behaviour (with Gail Ellement, MBA ’85)
Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea
Categories: Case Method and Specialist Management Disciplines; and Classic Cases

Derrick Neufeld  PhD ’97, Associate Professor, Information Systems & Entrepreneurship (with Dharsana Vijayaratnam, Charles Wasserman, and Thomas Yuk, all EMBA ’17) Digital Dating Dilemma
Category: Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems

Vaughan Radcliffe, Professor, Managerial Accounting and Control (with Paul Cruz, MBA ’03)
BNL Stores
Category: Finance, Accounting and Control

Shane Wang, Associate Professor, Marketing (with Xiaoke Xu, MBA ’17)
Fitbit: The Business About Wrist
Category: Marketing

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